BAM Open 2019
Bowlingarena Moers, September 3-8, 2019


Maximilian Fühner wins BAM Open 2019

Maximilian Fühner has won BAM Open 2019. In the finals where 8 players had the chance to win the tournament before the last game he came out on top of…


Qualifying completed – Cut at 1210 pins

Qualifying of BAM Open 2019 has been completed. Frank Öing scored the highest result with 1467 Pins in squad 7 followed by Christian Kuttig und…


Christian Hakkel best player in squad 4

Christian Hakkel played the highest score in BAM Open's friday squad with a result of 1284 Pins followed by Carsten Grieving with a score of 1225. In…


Christian Kuttig takes the lead after squad 3

Christian Kuttig has taken the lead of BAM Open qualifying in squad 3 with a series of 1427. Dirk Fricke finished second in this squad with a score of…


Sebastian Lange wins squad 2

Sebastian Lange has won squad 2 of BAM Open with a score of 1317. He is followed by Luca Stief with 1241 and Kevin Köseoglu with 1223 Pins. Michael…


Michael Krämer leads after squad 1

Michael Krämer has won squad 1 of this year's BAM Open. After a slow start of 168 Pins in game 1 he scored 1231 Pins in the following 5 games for a…